Go BIG Media's Team is Growing

With the election cycle in full swing we recently amped up our staff to continue to bring all clients the innovation and creativeness we are known for. We are excited to announce the hiring of Vice President, Jackie Kaiser, Senior Director of Accounts, Philip Mitchell, and Graphic Designers, Megan Kitchen and Altyn Turdukulova. 


Jackie has spent nearly 15 years working on political races ranging in size from Mosquito Commissioner to President across 49 states (Damn you, Hawaii). She's also worked on multiple projects with the RNC, NRSC, and NRCC. Click here to read Jackie’s full bio. 


Philip Mitchell (photo)- Philip joins GoBig with over a decade of running direct advocacy campaigns. With a background in international development, education, and political campaigns, he is adept at formulating strategic campaigns across sectors. Click here to read Philip’s full bio. 


Megan uses her eye for detail and her diverse background in projects to provide each client with a unique perspective and innovative content to enhance their impact whether it be in their city, state, or even the country. Click here to read Megan’s full bio. 


Altyn understands the importance that visual imagery and graphics play in communicating between people and companies. She works on each project with great passion and values client feedback above all else. Click here to read Altyn’s full bio.

We are confident that with these new additions to the team we will continue to produce BIG wins for all current and future clients!