GBM Email Interview: Audrey Savins

Up next in our Go Big Email Interview Series is Audrey Savins. Audrey is a Client Solutions Manager at Facebook in their Washington, DC office. She consults with Republican organizations, PACs, and campaigns on the most effective ways to reach, mobilize, and persuade voters on Facebook through advertising.

GB: As it pertains to advertising on Facebook, where do you think the most room for growth lies for campaigns and advocacy groups?

AS: Creative! We are still seeing a ton of television creative run on mobile News Feed. Earlier this year we re-released our creative considerations for mobile video. All of our best practices hold true — design for a sound off environment by creating your videos with supers, frame your visual story with vertical and square video, and capture attention quickly. The main update is our guidance to keep your video length to 15 seconds or less — folks who are doing this are seeing better completion rates (thus better message completion rates).

GB: What new ad format are you most excited about?

AS: Instagram Story Ads. There’s a ton of opportunity here for advocacy groups and campaigns to capitalize on tent pole moments like debates, Election Day, or key news events with full screen video ads. My favorite story ads have been ones that use effects native to Instagram Stories — like doodles, filters, boomerang, and emojis.

GB: What was the biggest game changer for advertising on Facebook last cycle?

AS: Advanced Matching in Custom Audiences. A process that used to take days now takes a fraction of that time. And the process has improved so that clients have seen match rates that were once consistently below 50% skyrocket to 80% or better, depending on the quality of the data.

GB: What do you think is the most underutilized Facebook advertising tool?

AS: Audience Insights. There’s a wealth of information provided to you about the people that follow your page – things like age, gender, purchases, pages the audience likes, and more. It’s a great way to see what your audience cares about so you can better plan your creative for that audience.

GB: Tell us about the civic engagement work Facebook is doing.

AS: It’s all about making it easier for people to engage and have a voice in government every day. And we’ve recently built some interesting tools. My favorites are Town Hall, which offers a one-stop shop where people can easily contact their state and federal elected officials, and the issues tab that provides a place for politicians to write a blurb or record a video describing, in their own words, where they stand on an issue.