Our Story

In 2013, our founder, Phillip Stutts, saw the media winds changing to a screen agnostic advertising world. He dug in and spent the next two years researching and meeting with corporate and political media firms across the country. He found most media firms to be smart, creative and likable. But he also found one HUGE mistake they all consistently made…they struggled to provide great customer service to their clients. Each firm he talked with complained that their clients were the problem and that it’s hard work to make clients happy.

The industry was missing a competitor whose dedication to client satisfaction emanated throughout. Seeing the gap in the marketplace, Phillip created Go BIG Media on an ethos of service first, excellence, and generosity, and with a mission to totally disrupt an industry. Go BIG derives its foundation from a culture of service. Heck, we even have a Director of Culture (who kicks ass!).

Go BIG’s core values are non-negotiable and drive everything we do – from hiring, to client results, to personal development. And it all starts with service and growth.

The result? Since Go BIG's inception, we’ve helped clients win over 200 races, across 30 states and 30 national awards. We've doubled our company's growth year-over-year, donated over $100,000 to charity and our team has volunteered over 500 hours to our local communities. And we are just getting started.

We love our clients and you will love getting to know us, as we prove to you we are simply the best at what we do.


Our Team

Phillip Stutts
Founder & Chairman

Peter Graves
Managing Director


Alexis Valdez-Darnell
Managing Director

Andrew Gordon
Senior Vice President

Lewis Muller
Vice President

Ian Lindemann
Vice President


Jackie Kaiser


Nicole Fryling
Graphic Design


Peyton Hammed
Video Producer


Elliot Fuchs

Becca Conti


Tate Holcombe
Video Production


Colton Fisher
Video Producer

Ashley Schultz
Senior Director,
Client Accounts


Jessica Kergo
Client Accounts


Megan Kitchen
Graphic Designer

Philip Mitchell
Senior Director,
Client Accounts


Brandon Aragón
Client Accounts


Altyn Turdukulova
Graphic Designer


Our Specialties

Creative Block.png


Our creative team is highly skilled in developing content that reflects your brand and drives your audience to take action.

Campaigns Block.png


With over 50 years combined hands-on political and advocacy experience, Go BIG Media understands how to reach your intended audience and win for our clients.


We give our clients the greatest innovation in technology, to the most precise targeted audience, with the coolest content on earth.


Our team hires media savvy campaign operatives who will put your needs above all else. We pride ourselves in customer service that is second to none.


The Right Tactics to Help You Reach The Right Audience