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PROJECT: The Digital Megaphone - Leveraging Technology to Level-Up Advocacy

At Go BIG Media we leverage the power of digital to disrupt advocacy and political campaigns, in a good way.

Here’s a recent example. Our friends at Let Freedom Ring (LFR) gave us a tight budget and three days’ lead time. They were 72 hours from a press conference and in need of a digital boost. They had a strong base of support, including 13 Members ready to voice their support for the legislation (H.R. 27) at the House Triangle, and an earned
media apparatus that we knew we could complement with digital.

The gears started moving and we came up with a few BIG ideas. A quick pitch to produce a digital video for LFR at the event quickly grew legs, and became a scaled plan to amp up the volume with a fully integrated digital megaphone.

The final digital package included:

  • Real-time digital video: We shot, edited, and produced a mash-up video that seamlessly included all 13 Members of Congress (important for the client and the Members) and was online within 24 hours of the event. That video (click graphic to watch) has surpassed 100,000 views across YouTube and Facebook — with the help of a paid boost targeting the political chattering class on the Hill.
  • Innovative Social Media: The live element from the event was covered across Facebook and Twitter. Go BIG launched LFR’s first ever Facebook live event. Perhaps the best stat of the week: LFR’s Facebook reach increased by 47,000% in the week around the event, before a dollar was spent to boost a single post.
    All organically. Live tweets were posted, and engaged by all 13 Members in attendance as well as an audience in the thousands at home.
  • Snapchat the Tax Code: Here’s the really cool part. We launched LFR’s Snapchat account (follow it at LFR_USA) the week of the event. Within a few days we had a custom geo filter in place, the first ever on the House Triangle. The LFR account was followed by Members, millennials, and the press (including the Washington Post and Mashable).

We had a tight budget and a very short timeframe, but we established clear objectives and maintained constant contact with the client, enabling us to deliver powerful performance metrics at a ridiculous ROI. Our client was able to introduce themselves, and by extension their issue, to the masses, provide promotional air support for the Members supporting the bill, and leverage a comprehensive digital strategy to own the virtual space when it mattered most.

Let Freedom Ring went BIG — and we were happy to Go BIG with them.

Written by Chase Kroll, VP of Corporate Digital at Go Big Media, INC.
As Vice President of Corporate Digital, Chase brings years of relevant and diversified experience, having run major political campaigns, legislative operations, and high-impact advocacy efforts in Washington, DC.


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