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The Go BIG Email Interview - Shane Greer

POSTED 2 months ago BY Go BIG Media, Inc.

Welcome to the inaugural issue of the Go Big Email Interview where we will be interviewing industry leaders from the political, public affairs and business world.

Our number one goal with each interview is to provide value, unique insight and real world knowledge from those at the forefront of their industry.

Our first Go Big Email Interview is with media entrepreneur and investor, Shane Greer.

Shane is co-owner of Campaigns & Elections, a B2B publishing and events business that serves the political campaign industry.

GBM: You recently started a weekly Vlog. Should political campaigns consider doing the same thing?
SG: Like most you could do on a campaign, it depends. We use the vlog to engage with our community by giving a behind the scenes view of C&E. In the campaign context, I could see a vlog serving a similar function, but the question is whether a campaign can justify the time allocation involved vs how that time could otherwise be employed. That said, video more generally, and specifically things like Facebook Live and Instagram Stories, provide campaigns with a tremendous opportunity to engage authentically in a time-efficient way.  
GBM: Will Television advertising die a slow death or will it adapt and thrive? 
SG: What we're really talking about here is the means of distribution. And from that perspective, I think we will see TV as it exists today disappearing. Why pay for a cable package packed with stuff you don't want when you can just pay for the individual bits of content you do want; like we do with music. But the debate over TV is a bit of distraction. At the end of the day, we're always going to consume visual media, it's just that the means of delivery will change.
GBM: Who is currently winning the war on video? Who do you predict will have the upper hand when 2018 comes around? (Snapchat, Facebook, Youtube, a new player?)
SG: I'm bearish on Snapchat. Famous last words, but I don't think it survives as a standalone platform in its own right in the long term. Who wins? That depends on who you're looking to reach. But I think Facebook is the obvious gorilla in the room. When it comes to targeting video at likely voters, there's no better platform.

GBM: What 2016 campaign tool or technology do you predict will be obsolete by 2020?
SG: Yard signs? Joking aside, if any platform disappears by 2020 I think it's Snapchat. Beyond that, I don't think thing so much become obsolete as they do evolve. Maybe some forms of targeting stop being used, but that's only because things have been refined. 

GBM: 2017 Reed awards. What are you most excited about?
SG: The Awards dinner. It's a tremendous privilege for us to be running the most exacting awards in political campaigns and advocacy. Winning a Reed is extraordinarily difficult, so handing out trophies to winners is a special experience.

Follow Shane Greer on Twitter @shanegreer


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