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The Go BIG Email Interview – Samantha Osborne

POSTED 2 weeks ago BY Go BIG Media, Inc.

Our next installment of the Go Big Email Interview is with Samantha Osborne, the Chief Digital Officer at the Republican National Committee. In 2016 Samantha served as the Digital Director for the 2016 Republican National Convention, where she helped the convention reach a record number of people through their website, social media, and live stream. Before that, she served as National Deputy Digital Field Director for Romney for President and Campaign Manager for a Wisconsin Senate race. Samantha is from Cleveland, Ohio and graduated from The Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and History.

GB: If you were to recommend one book to a political candidate to help them navigate the digital world we live in what would it be?
SO: Team of Teams. Great insight on how to organize and manage teams and workflow.

GB: Snapchat launched a Register to Vote filter in Scotland and in America they have recently allowed third party data targeting. When do you think we will see significant ad dollars spent by campaigns at all levels on Snapchat? Soon? Never?
SO: It’s a great move for Snapchat. I think we’ll see campaigns allocating some budgets to test it out but whether or not they have extensive ad budgets allocated to it in the future will depend on how much the campaign is spending on persuasion. The biggest knock against Snapchat advertising is that it can’t be used for direct response. If a campaign is trying to do persuasion then, this would be a great platform to test out.

GB: For political campaigns, a Facebook video is better than a Youtube video? True or false and why?
SO: Depends on what you are looking to accomplish. Facebook basically took the crown for advertising this past cycle with the ability to target better than other platforms. Campaigns should be putting optimizing their videos on for platforms. In the end, if your content is good, people will find and share it.

GB: Facebook recently launched a new Town Hall feature that allows Facebook users contact their elected representatives with one click. Some in the media say this will revolutionize politics. Really?
SO: It’s tough for any one product to “revolutionize” politics, but is a great step for a company already deeply embedded in political advertising. We will have to wait and see how they adapt the tool and if people are actually using it. We always try to emphasize to ‘go where people already are.’ Since there are so many daily active users, Facebook does have the chance to capture a large audience with this Town Hall feature. 

GB: Mark Zuckerberg is touring America this year and has been seen visiting a small restaurant in Louisiana, doing charity work in Dallas and even driving in a racecar with Dale Earnhardt Jr. Do you think Mark Zuckerburg is gearing up for a run for office and if so could he win?
SO: If he wants to run as a Republican, we’d be happy to work with his team in a general election.

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