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Phillip Stutts with BIG Announcement

POSTED 2 years ago BY Go BIG Media, Inc.

Big news! 10 years ago today I launched Phillip Stutts & Company and on this proud anniversary, I’m pumped to announce that our business is transitioning to a strategic digital and traditional media focus, called Go BIG Media, Inc.

This change actually began in 2012 when we quietly flipped our vision from political/corporate consulting to becoming a strategic media content and service firm.

For those not in the political world, that means we are going to make award winning ads with a vision that targets those ads to a precise audience. For our clients in the political and corporate world, we believe this vision will win...and win BIG.

Why quietly change the company’s vision without announcing it? Well, it sounds corny, but the team and I thought a strategic revamp was imperative if we were going to create a media model that was massively successful. And frankly, I wanted to spend time building the engine the right way.

So, after the 2012 presidential campaign we studied the landscape, hired the right people, met with the best data and technology targeting experts, and built strategic partnerships to ensure our clients and candidates had an unmatched edge.

Our goal is to be the best media strategy company on the market, based on three pillars: creative content, precise targeting, and unmatched service.

We believe that targeting and content trumps just about everything. But we see a huge void in the marketplace for providing responsive, honest, and diligent service. These are principles we will deliver to our clients.

Bottom line: We are growing and we’re excited for what’s ahead. So, if you want to join us, let me know. We are all-in to GO BIG.


@GoBigMediaInc, 3 days ago

ICYMI: @phillipstutts went on @FoxNews this morning to discuss #Trump. Catch his segment here: youtu.be/Y_IL9L5fxIE

@GoBigMediaInc, 3 days ago

Rise and shine! Our CEO @phillipstutts is about to go on @FoxNews. Grab a cup of coffee and tune in!

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Be sure to tune in to @FoxFriendsFirst at 5:45a ET tomorrow to catch @phillipstutts discussing a big week ahead in DC.

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ICYMI: @phillipstutts went on @FoxNews this morning to discuss #Trump. Catch his segment here: youtu.be/zyU9mmAyvPc

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Happy Easter! Flip over to @FoxNews to watch @phillipstutts discuss the latest developments with @realDonaldTrump this morning.