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POLITICO Florida Playbook: Go BIG presents #DigitalBattleground

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POLITICO Florida Playbook, presented by Nuclear Matters: Rubio v. Cruz – Cheney headlines RPOF bash – Hillary prepares another FL swing – Miccosukee tribal trouble – Scott’s hospital commission looks stuck

11/12/15 06:28 AM EST

By Marc Caputo (mcaputo@politico.com; @MarcACaputo) with Kristen East (keast@politico.com; @kristenicoleast)

HAPPENING SATURDAY – The “Sunshine Summit [holds] a discussion panel on the GOP’s digital plan to win Florida in 2016. ... [with] [RNC] Chief of Staff Katie Walsh ... [NRSC] Executive Director Ward Baker ... [NRCC] Executive Director Rob Simms ... Republican Party of Florida, Executive Director, Brad Herold ... Facebook, U.S. Politics and Government Outreach Manager, Don Seymour ... Go BIG Media, Inc., CEO (and panel moderator), Phillip Stutts.” http://politi.co/1WTIyru

GOOD THURSDAY MORNING – Former Vice President Dick Cheney tonight keynotes the Republican Party of Florida’s Statesman Dinner in Orlando, where he’ll be introduced by Ag Commissioner Adam Putnam. Marco Rubio gives an address afterward, introduced by Rep. Jeannette Nuñez, a family friend. Considering that Jeb’s dad had little nice to say recently about “iron ass” Cheney, Jeb might not mind keeping his distance from the man identified as a prime-mover of his brother’s Iraq war.

RUBIO V. CRUZ -- The coming fight between Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz: The two Cuban-American, 40-something, first-term senators are increasingly viewed as the candidates to beat in their respective lanes,” by POLITICO’s Eli Stokols and Katie Glueck: http://politi.co/1MLsTFa

NEWS IF HE DIDN’T SAY IT – “Jeb Bush Says He’s ‘a Better Bet’ (Than Marco Rubio) to Beat Hillary Clinton,” by New York Times’ Ashley Parker: http://nyti.ms/1Qjr6he

IS IT ENOUGH? --“Jeb Bush stops the bleeding: His supporters say they were reassured by his performance,” by POLITICO’s Shane Goldmacher and Alex Isenstadt: http://politi.co/1Si5Hmf

--“FL House Speaker Designate: Jeb Bush is The Most Courageous Conservative on the Stage,” by Jeb Bush Communications on YouTube: state Rep. Richard Corcoran: “Last night, you saw Jeb Bush. ... It was a substantive debate where he was able to shine ... it was vintage Jeb Bush.” http://bit.ly/1HBlJak

IMMIGRATION, SMALL GOVT. -- “We’re finally seeing the deep fault lines at the heart of the GOP nomination battle,” by The Washington Post’s Dan Balz: http://wapo.st/1Qwxpgx

--“Rubio avoids immigration at debate but not in Wednesday TV blitz,” by The Tampa Bay Times’ Alex Leary: “On CBS This Morning, Rubio seemed to suggest he is in favor of deporting parents of young immigrants who would qualify for President Obama’s Deferred Action for Parental Accountability, ‘DAPA,’ plan that was just struck down by a court in Texas.” http://bit.ly/1SJBygx

--@lesleyclark: “There are parts of the border you can't build a wall, I don't care what Donald Trump says, @JebBush tells Iowa crowd.”

--@jasonnobleDMR: “Jeb Bush is asked his favorite book. First says ‘The Art of the Deal,’ gets a laugh and then mentions two books he’s written.”

PERISTENCE ALONE IS OMNIPOTENT – “Jeb Bush Is 2016’s John Kerry: Jeb can still win. But he needs to follow the comeback model of a Democrat,” by Bill Scher on POLITICO: “The lesson: You can be an uninspiring establishment candidate and still win the nomination. How? By being the last candidate left standing.” http://politi.co/1PpicyJ

CLINTON CASH DASH – We’re hearing Hillary Clinton is planning another Florida fundraising swing on Dec. 1 and 2. Details are sketchy, but the campaign tentatively plans fundraisers in Miami, Orlando, Tampa and Jacksonville. We only have the Dec. 1 Miami invite, which is here: http://politi.co/1HJ9ZgX

BUSH CASH BASH – “Bush plans major D.C. fundraiser,” by POLITICO’s Alex Isenstadt: http://politi.co/1SkjM2t

RUBIO SOUTH BEACH FUNDRAISER -- it’s Saturday at The Deauville Beach Resort in Miami Beach, according to the invite: http://politi.co/1WNQxf5

TO BS, OR NOT TO BS – “Marco Rubio said wrongly that welders make more money than philosophers,” by PolitiFact’s Clayton Youngman: http://bit.ly/1MB7oen

--“What Philosophers Want You, Me, and Marco Rubio to Know About How Much They Make,” by Slate’s Alison Griswold: http://slate.me/1MC7qmh

--@adamsmithtimes: “Spent way too much time today looking for philosopher majors-turned-welders.”

ROCK THE BOAT – Via press release: “At Thursday’s GOP Sunshine Summit in Orlando, David Kennedy of BoatUS will represent the nearly 100,000 Florida boaters in calling on Sen. Marco Rubio, a boater and Florida native, to go on the record and take a clear stand on the federal ethanol mandate. ... oaters want Rubio specifically to explain why he’s been so soft on the issue when ethanol has been proven to wreak havoc on boat engines – among many other inconvenient side effects (think: increased emissions, higher food prices, lower gas mileage). Furthermore, recent national polling showed that Republican primary voters are less likely to support a presidential candidate if that candidate supports the corn ethanol mandate.”

CLC’S HOUSE PALS -- “Lopez-Cantera announces backing of 9 House Republicans,” by POLITICO Florida’s Matt Dixon: Lt. Gov. Carlos Lopez-Cantera, a candidate for Marco Rubio's U.S. Senate seat, announced the endorsement of nine Republican state representatives on Wednesday. “Together, we have created over 900,000 jobs by putting money back in the hands of the taxpayer. It is time for Washington to do the same and I look forward to making sure it’s getting done as the next U.S. Senator from Florida,” Lopez-Cantera said in a statement. The endorsement list includes House Rules chairman Ritch Workman of Melbourne, Jason Brodeur of Sanford, and Scott Plakon of Longwood. http://politi.co/1WNhSOo

GOLDMEIER’S GOLD – “Meet Brian Goldmeier, the fundraising powerhouse behind Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez,” by Saint PetersBlog’s Peter Schorsch: "Since he started raising coin for Gimenez in 2011 when the now-Mayor was a County Commissioner and long-shot candidate to replace recalled Mayor Carlos Alvarez, Goldmeier has rapidly risen to become the go-to fundraiser for County Commission, countywide referendum and city elections in Miami-Dade County.” http://wp.me/pShRp-11Ig

POWER PLAY -- “Utility-backed solar group spends more than $3 M. on petition gathering,” by POLITICO Florida’s Bruce Ritchie: The political committee proposing a solar energy amendment backed by utilities has spent more than $3 million collecting petition signatures to put the measure on the ballot, according to October campaign finance reports. The amendment proposed by the Consumers for Smart Solar political committee is far outpacing recent ballot measures in cost per signature, according to Ballotpedia. http://politi.co/1MXLUdF

** A Message from Nuclear Matters: Nuclear energy plants play a vital role in achieving our clean-energy and carbon-reduction goals. Florida’s nuclear energy fleet supports more than 2,270 jobs and provides $1.9 billion to the state’s GDP. Learn more at NuclearMatters.com. **

Want to make an impact? POLITICO Florida has a variety of multi-platform solutions available to reach and activate the most influential people in the Sunshine State. Have a petition you want signed? A cause you’re promoting? Share your message with our influential readers to increase awareness and drive action. Contact Chris Falls to find out how: cfalls@politico.com.

WHAT YOU SOW -- “Farmer, Renner sprout new political committees in October,” by POLITICO Florida’s Matt Dixon: A handful of candidates and state elected officials in October set up new political committees — the fundraising tools that have become a staple in state legislative races. The political committees can collect unlimited contributions and are now used by nearly every member of the legislature, and candidates who want to mount serious campaigns. Leading the way for the new October committees is Democratic state Senate candidate Gary Farmer, a Fort Lauderdale trial lawyer running for the Broward County seat being vacated by Jeremy Ring. http://politi.co/1HILznH

CRITICAL CONDITION -- “With budget fight looming, Scott health commission shows little progress,” by POLITICO Florida’s Christine Sexton: Gov. Rick Scott has engaged for the past several months in a running public relations battle with the state’s hospitals, after a health care funding fight nearly derailed the 2015 session of the Florida Legislature. And thanks to the power of his highly public position, he's been winning. But the onetime hospital executive, who was forced out of his own company in the wake of a federal investigation, could soon lose some of his tactical advantage. The next session of the Legislature is scheduled to start in 62 days, but Scott has still not fulfilled his promise to deliver a full set of recommendations to legislators. In the meanwhile, legislators are already filing bills and firming up their positions for an election-year session that could get bogged down over budget battles amid tensions between the governor and the Republican-led Florida Senate. http://politi.co/1OEQXjB

TOP BILLING -- “Bill would limit salaries for public hospital executives,” by POLITICO Florida’s Christine Sexton: Gov. Rick Scott, who has lambasted public hospitals that receive taxpayer support for paying high salaries to chief executive officers, may have found a big ally. Sen. Don Gaetz, the former Senate president recently filed SB 686, the ‘Florida Anti Corruption Act of 2016.’ Under the bill, revenues from faculty practice plans, direct support organizations, private donations, ad valorem taxes, Medicare or Medicaid or any money appropriated by the Legislature or any county, municipality, special district or school district could not be spent on employees at public hospitals who were not ‘clinical practitioners.’ Jan Gorrie, managing partner of the Tampa office of Ballard Partners and a hospital lobbyist, said the bill puts public hospitals at a competitive disadvantage when it comes to recruiting, because the same restrictions would not apply to private, for-profit hospitals. http://politi.co/1OFfuoI

PICKING UP STEAM -- “Second mayor signs on to Scott’s economic-incentive form letter,” by POLITICO FLORIDA’s Matt Dixon: A pair of mayors are the first to sign on to Gov. Rick Scott’s public form-letter approach to building support for more economic incentive money. http://politi.co/1QweVNj

SCOTT CHALLENGE -- “Governor Rick Scott Announces ‘Ready, Set, Work” College Challenge,’ via press release: “Governor Scott is asking all 28 state colleges to participate in the ‘Ready, Set, Work’ College Challenge by graduating 100% of their full-time students to attend a four year university or get a job that leads to a great career. Currently, the average state college graduation rate in Florida is 43 percent.”

GERRYMANDER WONDER -- “Question now for court: Did Legislature intend to favor GOP in Miami on congressional map?” by Miami Herald’s Mary Ellen Klas: “The three-year battle over Florida’s congressional boundaries moved to the state’s highest court Tuesday where lawyers for the Legislature tried to get a trial court map declared unconstitutional but instead found themselves defending the way lawmakers handled two Hispanic districts in Miami-Dade County. Supreme Court Justice Barbara Pariente, who authored the landmark ruling in July that invalidated Florida’s 27 congressional districts, grilled the attorney for the Florida House for 'jumping over' portions of the ruling 'as if it didn’t exist.' 'The reason that it was to be redrawn was it was drawn to favor the Republican Party,' Pariente told George Meros, the lawyer for the House.” http://bit.ly/1O4tMfu

TRIBAL TROUBLE -- “Miccosukee Tribe ousts its chairman over $1 billion tax dispute,” by Miami Herald’s Jay Weaver: “The tribe’s general council voted to remove Colley Billie, who has two years remaining in his second term, as he attempted to settle the nasty legal battle with the Internal Revenue Service and started to withhold taxes from casino gambling distributions to some 600 members — a step the IRS demanded in legal action. The council, consisting of members of the West Miami-Dade County tribe, voiced its discontent in a petition accusing him of depleting $82 million from a reserve account set aside for paying back taxes owed to the IRS. In the impeachment petition, the council also highlighted that at Billie’s direction, the tribe has lost hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue at its casino operation with bingo-style slot machines and poker.” http://bit.ly/1Y4Zuhl

-- “Anti-casino group staked with $195K,” by Florida news service: http://bit.ly/1kpO1KV

RIP -- “Service for Rhea Chiles, widow of governor, set for Tallahassee,” by Palm Beach Post’s John Kennedy: “A memorial service is planned in Tallahassee next week for former Florida First Lady Rhea Chiles, the widow of late Gov. Lawton Chiles. Rhea Chiles died Sunday at her home in Sarasota County at age 84. A celebration of her life will be held Monday at 11:00 a.m. at Faith Presbyterian Church in Tallahassee. In lieu of flowers, her four children have asked that donations be sent to the Children’s Home Society (CHSFL.org) or the Lawton Chiles Foundation.” http://pbpo.st/1GXbxJb

VENEZUELA UPDATE -- “Legislators from Americas seek free Venezuela elections,” by AP’s Luis Alonso Lugo: “U.S. senators and leading lawmakers from Latin America asked Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Wednesday to guarantee free, transparent and democratic parliamentary elections next month. The 157 legislators from the United States, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Costa Rica and Peru also asked Maduro to allow election observers from the Organization of American States and the European Union to watch the Dec. 6 vote.” http://apne.ws/1kpO7Cu

DRONE DAMAGE -- “Cause damage with your drone? You might have to pay up,” by Miami Herald’s Kristen Clark: “The proposal from state Sen. Miguel Diaz de la Portilla would provide a legal recourse for victims of drone accidents to recoup their expenses should a drone — for example — lose control and hit a high-voltage electric line or tumble into a crowd of people.” http://bit.ly/1PCQf4M

PLANE CRASH – “7 of 9 on plane that crashed in Ohio were from Florida firm,” by AP’s Mark Gillispie and Mitch Stacy: “Seven associates of a Florida real estate investment company were on the second day of a multicity Midwestern trip to look at property for potential shopping centers when their small jet crashed into an Ohio apartment house, killing all nine people onboard. The crash Tuesday afternoon in Akron – 2 miles from the small airport where the plane was to land – killed two executives and five employees at Pebb Enterprises, a Boca Raton-based company that specializes in shopping centers. The two pilots also were killed.” http://apne.ws/1Y4ZWMo

LESS FEST -- “Fewer Keys guests, higher hotel rates during Fantasy Fest,” by AP: “Key West hotels are reporting that fewer people came to town for Fantasy Fest, but higher room rates compensated for the dip in occupancy. The Key West Citizen reports (http://bit.ly/1kMmPWi) that the average nightly cost of a hotel room for the main weekend of the 10-day Fantasy Fest jumped from about $238 last year to $413 this year.” http://apne.ws/1MXvS3x

LIGHT(EN)ING UP -- “Broward downgrades penalty for pot possession,” by the Sun Sentinel’s Brittany Wallman: “Pot smokers busted by cops in Broward County with a joint or a baggy of marijuana could walk away with a civil fine and a clean criminal record. Broward commissioners voted unanimously Tuesday to create a lighter penalty for small-time possessors of marijuana. The county can't decriminalize an illegal drug, and police officers still have the option to treat the offense as a misdemeanor crime. But commissioners lamented the lives they say have been ruined by arrest or jailing on what they consider a minor infraction. Twenty states have decriminalized marijuana under certain circumstances, and voters in Broward overwhelmingly supported legalization of medical marijuana when it hit the Florida ballot, but failed, last year.” http://bit.ly/1Po4tIv

POLICE FORCE -- “UCF professor to study how Orlando cops use force,” by the Orlando Sentinel’s Rene Stutzman: “Orlando police Chief John Mina characterized a package of Orlando Sentinel stories that pointed out his officers use force at a rate far higher than other departments as ‘one-sided’ and ‘not a true and accurate depiction.’ The department, though, has asked a University of Central Florida criminal-justice professor to review thousands of department records — the same ones analyzed by the Sentinel. Mina wrote an email to his officers Friday shortly after the Sentinel stories were published online, and in it described the UCF review as an independent study. He also criticized the Sentinel for not awaiting its results.” http://bit.ly/1O2PpNe

FLORI-DUH DRUNK -- “Police: Driver crashes into ambulance, booked on DUI charge,” by AP: “Tampa Police say 41-year-old Elliott Ingram was arrested Tuesday on a charge of driving under the influence with injury.” http://apne.ws/1MKWGh8

** A Message from Nuclear Matters: America’s fleet of nuclear energy plants support 475,000 jobs nationwide and provide more than 62% of America’s carbon-free electricity. Our existing, state-of-the-art nuclear energy plants play a vital role in achieving our clean-energy and carbon-reduction goals. In Florida, nuclear energy plants provide 12 percent of the state’s electricity and a large majority of our carbon-free electricity. The existing nuclear energy plants in Florida also support more than 2,270 jobs and provide $1.9 billion to the state’s GDP. To help keep Florida working, we need the state’s technologically advanced nuclear energy plants continuing to work for all of us. Join us at NuclearMatters.com. **

Read more: http://www.politico.com/tipsheets/florida-playbook#ixzz3rJ2dXrch


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